1957 – Orange Colored Sky

Today it was pretty clear that the sundown would be spectacular, I just couldn’t decide where to go.

My first impulse was Faaker See, a lake very near Villach, where I know a place that’s ideal for picturing the setting sun. There is still ice on the lake though, and because I wanted reflections in water, I finally chose the bridge over the river Drau/Drava in Rosegg, an old favorite of mine.

The Song of the Day is “Orange Colored Sky” by Michael Bublé. Hear it on YouTube.

Oh and, just because I stumbled upon it, here’s one song more: a fantastic “Blue Moon” by an early Frank Sinatra. SCNR 😀

4 thoughts on “1957 – Orange Colored Sky”

  1. It’s not fair. You folks got a vicious winter… and here I sit with pneumonia. Oh, it’s going away and probably a good thing to have nature say, “slow down Ted.” But still I wish we could have taken some of the fury out of the bitterness you guys had this season which would at least allow me an excuse for getting what used to be thought of as a cold-induced disease.

    Oh well, an enforced afternoon inside’s given me the chance to visit old friends and totally enjoy their feelings. As always Andreas, YOU ROCK! This image is haunting.

    1. The funny thing is, it was meant as HDR, I did my five exposures, but as this is not the Nikon, I made the exposures manually. No problem with the POV, the camera was rested fairly stable, but I just didn’t anticipate how fast the clouds would move. No chance for an automatic merge to HDR. Instead I had to use the good old layers-and.masks method 🙂

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