1955 – In The Future When All’s Well

It’s just a reflection, right? So I’m not entirely sure why the word “future” rings when I look at this picture. Maybe it has some of that “Brazil” retro charm, maybe it triggers associations with the Asimov books that I currently read. I have finished the robot novels and now read the chronologically first of his “Empire” series, “The Currents of Space”, which is again an excellent book.

Speaking of Asimov, this immediately brings me back to one of my pet topics, the complete and utter failure that the content industry is. They are largely irrelevant, or at least their contributions to the world’s welfare are, but they keep trying to buy laws to secure the income from their outdated business models.

Yeah, yeah, you know the rant, but then please consider: Asimov wrote four robot novels featuring Elijah Baley, “The Caves of Steel”, “The Naked Sun”, “The Robots of Dawn” and finally “Robots and Empire”. The first three I could easily buy for the Kindle, but guess what, “Robots and Empire” is not available. Crazy, huh?

What can a poor man do? Let Matthew Inman aka “The Oatmeal” explain it to you.

I like the Song of the Day, “In The Future When All’s Well” from Morrissey’s 2006 album “Ringleader Of The Tormentors”, so well that I may base a series of images on it. We’ll see, next time when an image triggers “future” for me 🙂

See the video on YouTube.