1954 – Night Vision II

An image of yesterday night. Not only bicycles make for nice, graphic subjects, bicycle stands do as well 🙂

I’ve spent quite some time searching for a title and a Song of the Day, trying to avoid another repetition. No luck. I have already used Suzanne Vega’s “Night Vision” from the 1987 album “Solitude Standing” in “1645 – Night Vision”. See her perform it on Swedish TV on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1954 – Night Vision II”

  1. That’s the one! Putting that one up as a big-sized print and you don’t need heating for the room any more… And that’s certainly a composition for which the square format was invented.

    1. Actually I had to tug at some corners (“Edit / Transform / Skew”) to get it how I wanted it. You can’t do that to people, but with pure geometry it works fine 😀

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