1946 – It’s Been So Long

It’s a featherweight. 190g for a 40-150 zoom lens, this is almost ridiculously light.

Of course you pay a price for it and that is build quality and robustness. The lens has a plastic mount, the zoom is quite stiff (and irritatingly it rotates the other way round than Nikon zooms), but apart from the rather slow aperture, I am quite pleased.

Stabilization works sufficiently well, I’d say on par with the Nikon zooms, and of course this is only the E-P2, on the OM-D it is supposed to be substantially better.

The second pancake, the Panasonic 14/2.5, has also arrived, although, because I’ve not been at home, DHL did not encounter me. Normally they would leave the package at the local post office (that’s how it worked with the 40-150), but this time, for a change, they have transported it to the “local” DHL Express Terminal, conveniently located just out of Vienna, in the middle of nowhere. Via their web form I have arranged a second delivery on Thursday, this time to my office.

The Song of the Day is “It’s Been So Long” by Edmond Hall & His Swingtet. Hear it on YouTube.

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