1938 – The Story Of The Man Who Went Out Shooting

It’s cold here in Vienna. Not -20 degrees Celsius as in Juha’s winter wonderland, but for my taste it’s cold enough, especially with even colder north wind.

In the morning I took the Underground and went only the last few hundred meters from the station. Near the Museum of Natural History I saw billows of steam rising from the gully grates. You don’t see that very often here, it’s more like an image that I know from American movies playing in New York, and so I wanted to take a picture.

I took three of them, and only then, when someone laughed about the situation, I realized that another photographer stood on the other of the billows, facing me.

None of the images was strong enough by itself. The third exposure is the weakest, but it is the only where he actually takes an image. The second has the best posture of the photographer, but I like the billows in the first best. As a compromise, here’s a comic strip made of all three exposures, aligned and heavily cropped, because the originals were made at an equivalent of 24 mm.

Due to the aspect ratio my biggest normal image size is still much too small, thus the image links to the full size.

The Song of the Day is “The Story Of The Man Who Went Out Shooting” from The Tiger Lillies’ “Shockheaded Peter”. Enjoy a hilarious animation video on YouTube.

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  1. I really like this set. While the foreground is mostly static except for the steam, my eye went immediately to the background figures moving around. Nice comment on the passing of time.

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