1937 – What You Get Is What You See

Today is Sunday and it began cold, sunny and beautiful, but I still didn’t go out.

When I finally considered it, weather had deteriorated considerably, and instead of taking photographs, I finished “The Naked Sun” by Isaac Asimov 🙂

I had two images left from yesterday though, two images that I like and that somehow didn’t fit into the last post. Well, here they are, a look at some colorful ads through a snowy windshield, and a street sign that seems a little bit out of context.

The Song of the Day is “What You Get Is What You See” by Tina Turner. See the official video on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1937 – What You Get Is What You See”

  1. Very cool shot, Andreas. I’m reading an Asimov book myself, Caves Of Steel. It’s an interesting book and I’m about half way through, but taking it at a very leisurely pace.

    1. And it goes on like this. I finished “The Naked Sun” and now read the third part, “The Robots of Dawn”. Btw, there is a story in “The Complete Robot”, it’s called “Mirror Image”, and it should be read between parts two and three. Not essential, but then, I like to have the stories complete 🙂

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