1936 – Wait A While

As for the title of this image, on first impulse I wanted to call it “147 seconds”, because precisely that much time passed between those two exposures (and it didn’t feel that long), but then, having found my Song of the Day, I couldn’t help but change it.

Wait A While” is an incredibly beautiful song from Jon Lord’s 1997 album “Pictured Within”. In his own words,

it’s a sad song, but it also has hope, somewhere. It’s a song about loss … and about asking for it not to happen.

For a non-religious person like me, this is as close to a prayer as I can get.

Using only the song but not the title seemed like a frivolous waste to me, thus the change.

There are numerous live performances on YouTube, with different singers. I like best those of Kasia Laska (the quote is from this video) and Sam Browne, who sang it on the album and wrote the lyrics. Incredibly beautiful and touching, but I repeat myself.