1934 – Watch Your Step

It always pays to be curious. Today was an icy day, I left work late, and it was so cold that I decided to take the Underground home, even though I had no more than one image so far, that could probably have been usable. One out of two 🙂

When I saw the escalator, closed for maintenance, my first impulse was to just take the lift down, but then I decided to have a look.

Well, having a look means taking an image, and in the end I was more than satisfied with the result. Hmm … sometimes it’s good to be not Gordon Freeman. If I were, this probably would have been my only way down 😀

The Song of the Day is “Watch Your Step” from the 1983 Santana album “Havana Moon”. Many people don’t like this album, but I already had it on Vinyl and always loved to dance to “Vereda Tropical”. And besides, how can an album with Flaco Jimenez and Willie Nelson be bad? Impossible 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.

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