1926 – All Down The Line

I took and processed these two images on Wednesday, but I didn’t manage to write the actual blog post. Yesterday was not better, thus here I am, two days late, writing from the train to Carinthia.

At the moment I’m pretty occupied with a new project. Our company will move to another part of Vienna, pretty much across from where I live now, and thus I’ll move as well. I’ve already found an apartment in a house that’s being built right now and that will be ready in about a year, just when I need it. From there it will be only a five minute slow walk to work. Contrast that with 50 minutes on two underground lines, and that twice a day. Adds up to a lot of life time 🙂

Now I have to decide about options, colors, tiles, floors, where I want to have electric outlets,etc, and all that greatly depends upon how I’m going to furniture the apartment. I have some pieces that I want to take with me, but of course things like a kitchen have to be custom-built. Thus I’ve spent almost a week now creating a 3D model with Google Sketchup, trying to get feeling for the size of the rooms and how I’ll be using them.

The Song of the Day is “All Down The Line” from the 1972 Rolling Stones album “Exile On Main Street”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1926 – All Down The Line”

  1. Andreas, in a year you’ll be all set, with lots more time on your hands to devote to whatever your passion will be then – some aspect of photography, undoubtedly.

    You might re-think trying to post an image – a new image – each day here. You’ve been putting lots of pressure on yourself for how many years? Don’t you think you deserve to give yourself a vacation once in a while?

    Diane Varner set up some images to be auto-posted while she took a few days off. So perhaps you can figure out how to do this, also?

    I do applaud you for your great effort over the past few years. Since I don’t check in here every day, I don’t “need” to see a different image every day! So just relax. 🙂

  2. I recently read a study that showed the things that make us most unhappy and at the top was long commutes. A five minute walk will be wonderful, something I’d love to have. All the best with fitting out the new place.

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