1925 – Can’t Wait

This is where the LX5 meets its physical limits. ISO 320 is not much, but this image was fairly pushed in the shadows and it shows.

The image was taken in 16:9 aspect ratio and after processing I had already uploaded it, but somehow it felt unbalanced and didn’t satisfy me. I reconsidered, cropped heavily from the bottom, and as an extreme panoramic it suddenly works. In a way 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Can’t Wait” from Bob Dylan’s 1997 album “Time Out Of Mind”. Hear it on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “1925 – Can’t Wait”

  1. You said it works after cropping. “In a way.” Perhaps your eye is hunting for the golden mean, which this isn’t quite? Or the Fibonacci series, which this isn’t quite, either?

    I measured the larger version: from left edge to right side of phone pole = 6.5 cm. From there to the right edge = 13cm. Height is 7.5 cm. Roughly, but close enough. For the Fibonnaci series, you need an 8 to go with the 13, lol.

    Oh well, I never was good at math. I like the image in this present long pano version. I like the bits of red and green with more bits of yellows – and perhaps a tad of blue in the right half.

    I tried cropping off from the left to get rid of the phone pole, but then the scene seemed cramped. Like perhaps those drivers feel as they wait in their cars for the light to permit them to be on their way again?

      1. Well, then I missed the whole point, I guess! My eyes by-pass the pole, due to it being one of the darker parts of the image, even tho it is also the closest to the camera. But those bright yellows and other colors won’t allow my eye to stay on the pole very long.

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