1924 – How High The Moon

I really enjoy using the Panasonic LX5 again. It’s an incredibly light camera, a camera with very refined ergonomics, fine picture quality (well, probably not this image, but this was taken at ISO 400 in low light, and then: who needs fine detail with such a graphic subject?), and it’s simply a pleasure to use. For instance there is nothing better than a hardware slider on the lens for switching between aspect ratios.

Do I like it better than the E-P2? From an ergonomics point of view certainly. Of course the E-P2 has a much bigger sensor and works better in low light, it has more shallow DOF and all that, but it can’t replace the LX5 as my low weight camera. Will I buy an LX6? Sure, if it’s a similar evolution as the LX5 is from the LX3.

The Song of the Day is “How High The Moon” from the 1985 Manhattan Transfer album “Bop Doo-Wopp”. See a live performance on YouTube.

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