1914 – It’s Your Voodoo Working

I had hoped the problem would simply go away in a few hours, but guess what, it didn’t. I had to fix it myself.

When I could call up the server control panel again, it was the control panel of “cx24”, the server they had moved me to, the server that lacked the data of almost four months. “fsx04”, the so-called “Faster Server”, was still reachable though. I could ping it and I could also login via SSH. It was flaky, I hardly could type a few commands before the connection froze, but at least it was possible.

In order to not have to type for too long, I prepared the commands beforehand, so that I only had to copy/paste them. This helped. I still had to try a few times, but finally I could dump the MySQL database for my blog, transfer the dump to the new server and restore it there. You can’t imagine my relief!

Today I finally fixed the images. I simply logged into “fsx04” again (this time without a problem) and copied the missing image directories over to “cx24”, via SCP, simply across their LAN. This was fast and now I have everything back.

Of course this is already voodoo for most people. I can do that, working with UNIX computers is part of my job, I know the incantations, but it’s nothing that lay people could do. More about that in the next post.

The Song of the Day is “It’s Your Voodoo Working” from the 2009 Imelda May album “Love Tattoo”. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1914 – It’s Your Voodoo Working”

  1. Sorry about your troubles Andreas. I will be interested in hearing how your going to handle backing-up your blog in the future. I’m assuming your going to work something out now :). For my own sites I’ve been doing a simple ftp download every couple of days but I’m not sure that’s the best way.
    Great photos as usual. The bent wheel must be a statement right? 🙂

  2. As clueless as I am, stories like give me nightmares. If it was complicated for you, I would be talking nervous breakdown time. Thank goodness you seem to have things under control.

  3. Well, I understood exactly what you did. Working on UNIX used to be part of my daily routine, so those cryptic commands became the norm. I even find myself, every once in a while, hitting the escape key in my editor to get out of ‘insert’ mode. LOL. Yes, I used “vi” for years and years and years. I got quite good at it. 😀 However, all of that time that I spent in voodoo land, I never got really get at regular expressions. I could do enough to get by, but that was about it. Now, AWK, that was my thing. Enough of this voodoo talk.

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