1908 – Francesco

Today we had expected guests and I had expected to have no time for anything but shopping and cooking.

When our guests had to cancel, I suddenly had lots of time and I used it to take some images in Villach’s center.

I took the Nikon 85/1.4 AI-S and the Olympus 17/2.8, but in the end I left the Olympus in the car and enjoyed manually focusing with a long, fast lens.

Wide open, the 85/1,4 has low contrast and has pretty pretty strong longitudinal chromatic aberrations. That’s the kind with magenta fringes on edges nearer than the focus plane and green fringes on edges behind the focus plane.

I suppose this St. Francis was taken at f2 or maybe f2.8. Contrast was already fine, but it still showed some CA, but of course once you go B&W, this is no problem any more 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Francesco” from Antonello Venditti’s 1978 album “Sotto il segno dei pesci”. Hear it on YouTube.