1903 – The Party’s Over

This would really have been the New Year’s image, but unfortunately I saw it only today 🙂

Oh, by the way, I really want to read Isaac Asimov’s Robot and Foundation stories, and I want to read them on the phone (where I now read almost all my books). The trouble is only, I can’t. A content industry completely gone crazy publishes some books in the US only, or they publish the first part of a trilogy as eBook and the other parts as audio books, or they publish two parts of a trilogy as eBooks and the third part not at all.

Yesterday I went through one of the Internet’s 100-best-sci-fi-books lists, and what can I say, half of the titles is not available or only partially available, or not available in Europe or … there is no end to this insanity.

Really, I buy my books as I buy my music, but enough is enough. Additionally to the Kindle app, I have now an ePub reader on my phone, along with pirated copies of “The Complete Robot” and the complete “Foundation” series. Sorry industry, I’ve tried, but you’re wasting my life time. I want to read Asimov now, not in the ten or twenty years when you hopefully have your problems sorted out. Oh well!

The Song of the Day is “The Party’s Over” from “Bells Are Ringing”. I have a magnificent Anita O’Day interpretation that I couldn’t find on YouTube. Head over to Amazon for a 30 seconds sample.

What I did find on YouTube was a version by Doris Day. Although in general I’m not her biggest fan, I must admit that when she was good, she was really good. This is one of those songs. I probably wouldn’t have minded some violins less, but you can’t have everything, can you?