1885 – Last Night Was A Big Rain

Hmm … not posting for almost a week and then doing all in a day, it’s a bad habit but I can’t help it.

Actually it was not last night, it was last Thursday night. I was on my way to meet the seller of my latest acquisition. Night, rain, traffic lights, it’s paradise 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Last Night Was A Big Rain” from Sara Hickman’s 1989 album “Equal Scary People”. Scary is also the fashion in her 1990 live performance video. Still, I like it 🙂

5 thoughts on “1885 – Last Night Was A Big Rain”

  1. maybe you remember that my mac’s screensaver shows me your posted images since i installed it. (about a year ago 🙂 it is my way to keep up to date with your images. i know it is not as funny to visit them and sometimes comment on them. so again i let you know, you do still have your secrets admirers. 🙂 and wouldn’t i love your images they are always good and many times they surprise me. as this one does :-)) it’s a miracle what water, lights and reflection can do with a camera 🙂 even more what you can do with all this and your camera.
    so i wish you such nice days with all the ones you love. and for another year a lot of terrific and surprising images of every day life :-))
    cheers, andreas 🙂

  2. thanks andreas. :-))
    you are looking good :-)))
    do you have nice a christmas? is there snow in karinthy? we traditionally enjoy the music of the 2000 ever on the dutch radio. it is very popular by many dutch people. starting at christmas day and having the final on christmas eve :-)) (24h a day 🙂 do you have something like that in austria?

    1. No snow at all. I don’t particularly miss it though. If I really want it, I can always drive 1200 meters up the nearest mountain, and there definitely is snow.

      As to the radio: I don’t know. I don’t hear radio, don’t look TV. I’m just the wrong person to ask 😀

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