6 thoughts on “1884 – Today I Sing The Blues”

    1. Hmm … too much time spent on it and it’s still not what I would have liked it to be. I took an easy way out and that way it is acceptable indeed, but i know my original ambition and what became of it 😀

  1. Hmmm… Your comment makes me look for weaknesses, but first impression was that I like it very much!

    Lovely, quiet light with a broad range of value. Fascinating interplay of shapes and lines. Inviting, yet somewhat disorienting. Quiet against disquiet.

  2. I’ll just say that I too like the image, but then I’ve always been “smitten” by spiral staircases. Especially when you’re looking at them from the top down. In this case, I wish that more of the staircase was visible, but maybe that just wasn’t possible.

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