3 thoughts on “1877 – The Back Door”

  1. Andreas, I hope the problem about posting responses has been fixed.

    This is such a lovely image. Why two sets of steps, tho?

    In the historic districts of cities in the USA, stately houses of the wealthy often had a split-steps entrance like this. The explanation is that the ladies used one set of steps, while their gentlemen escorts had to use the other set – so the gentlemen couldn’t “accidentally” see up a lady’s skirts if he were following her!!! I mean – horrors! Perhaps this would turn them into lechers!?

  2. I agree with the above comment. It is a beautiful image and it is interesting to have two set of stairs on such a small entrance.

    1. Same again on the other side of the church. Well, it’s a baroque church and there was always money for catholic splendor in Austria 😀

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