1875 – ‘Round Midnight II

It’s not that I’m seeking out things that are hard to capture, but this was another one of those images under orange street light. I took it Sunday night when I arrived in Vienna, but technically it was already Monday. It’s ISO 800 at -1 EV, I’m definitely pushing the limit here.

Finally a win for DxO over the LX5’s JPEG engine, but then, Photoshop again earned the crown. You see a system here? Either I am completely incapable of understanding the greatness that is DxO Optics Pro, or it simply is not such a great RAW converter for the LX5.

But then, just let me play some more time, the trial version is still good for 27 days, I may learn how to master it.

The Song of the Day is “‘Round Midnight”, but not by Thelonious Monk himself like in “1184 – ‘Round Midnight“, no, today it’s Cassandra Wilson. See her on YouTube.

One thought on “1875 – ‘Round Midnight II”

  1. Your on-going struggle with the DxO software is very amusing! Perhaps you should tell them that their software usually is no good with the LX5?

    I like this image. The doors, esp, seem to glow. I think this image would look great with some B&W noise. So why bother to go to all the trouble to get rid of the noise?

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