1874 – Burning Sky

The rather mediocre image of the last post was even a heavy crop to get at least a resemblance of a composition. No, Sunday was not my most inspired day. I drove around, made some lake images and soon realized that I was just not in the mood.

In the end this is what I saw from our terrace. I liked the multi-layered sky, took a few images, and this is probably the best of them. Well, a sundown. But then, it just was not my day 😀

Burning Sky” is from the 1979 Jam album “Setting Sons”. Hooray, unlike all other songs with the word “sky” in the title, I have not used this song before 🙂

Hear it on YouTube. Oh and, btw, DxO had a hard time with this image, Photoshop was it in the end.

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