1872 – As I Went Out One Morning II

DxO has a new version, DxO Optics Pro 7, the RAW format of my LX5 is natively supported and so is the lens, and because I have not looked into it since 4.5, I thought, heck, let’s go for some Activity for a change 🙂

It won’t be any kind of formal test, it won’t be called a “review” even by my low standards, it’s just that I try it, convert images not only with ACR/Photoshop but also with DxO, compare the results with the JPEG that I got from the camera, and in a few posts I guess I’ll be ready for a conclusion.

I started Thursday with the Bicycle and the lock (where I took the Photoshop version), and this is an image taken early Friday morning, while it was foggy and dark. A reflection in a window, almost no light, the light that was there being the worst type of orange street light, the camera at ISO 800, certainly a worst case. Panasonic’s JPEG engine won before my own Photoshop conversion, with DxO coming out last. Neither version was really usable, in the end I still used the DxO version with some extremely graphic B&W effect added in Topaz Adjust 5.

It begins to get really hard to find songs that I have not used before and that also make sense as an image title. I already used Bob Dylan’s “As I Went Out One Morning” in “572 – As I Went Out One Morning“, here it is again. Hear it on YouTube.