1870 – November Spawned A Monster

Back to the LX5. Having used the FZ150 for almost a week has shown me again how good the LX5 really is. As a consequence I have raised the upper limit for Auto-ISO from ISO 400 to ISO 800. With that setting I went home from work on Wednesday, and to my surprise the camera went to ISO 800 only in a few extreme cases.

I may be wrong, but I remember that Auto-ISO used to stick to the upper limit almost all of the time. Panasonic seems to have changed that in the last firmware update, and now it behaves pretty much as I would do. Cool, I always like it when camera manufacturers care for their customers 🙂

Wednesday was the last day of November, thus “November Spawned A Monster” from Morrissey’s 1990 solo album “Bona Drag” seems like a good Song of the Day. Hear it on YouTube.