Nov 142011

In case you wonder, there will be a pause. I’ve spent the whole day sleeping, at least while I was not following the call of a feverish diarrhea. Don’t feel like posting at the moment.

  9 Responses to “Sick and tired”

  1. Andreas, I wish you a fast recovery!

  2. 😛

    Hoping you feel much better soon!

  3. You weren’t in Montana last week were you? My coworker and I both picked up something nasty there that was making the rounds – just now feeling more like myself.

    Feel better soon! Gotta see some more bike pics!

  4. Gute Verbesserung, Andreas!

  5. Oh, shit happens. (sorry couldn’t restrain myself :-)) Get well, soon!

    • Thanks all 🙂

      I’m already feelin’ better. Not well but better. Sleep is beginning to feel healthy. Sunday gave me a lot of material, enough to get over the week. I hope to start posting again tomorrow. Thanks again.

  6. Andreas, I’m so sorry a bug caught you. Perhaps you needed to slow down some, as you’ve been working hard on your new place plus trying to commute to work and also shoot images, cull them and post here. Take care of yourself and be well sooner than soon!

  7. Hope you feel better soon!

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