1868 – Dancing In The Light

Using a long lens you always have the problem that people run into your view. There is just so much distance, that the probability of someone walking into your line of sight is very high. Of course you can always embrace it. In this case I was lucky, depth of field was just deep enough that the rider was sharp and could go for the subject. Re-focusing, even with a fast camera, would have made me miss the moment.

Had I made the image with my D300 and, say, the Nikon 70-300 VR, the rider would have been clearly out of focus, the image would have been lost. These are the situations where small-sensor cameras really shine, at least as long as their image quality suffices. Here it clearly does.

The Song of the Day is “Dancing In The Light” from the bonus disc of the 2010 re-issue of “Exile On Main Street”. Enjoy it on YouTube 😀

5 thoughts on “1868 – Dancing In The Light”

  1. Andreas, this does indeed look like you deliberately choose the bike rider for your subject. Happy accident! You’re also right about this b=ability of small cameras to produce increased depth of field.

    Last night one of my friends waited 5 minutes to get a clear view of a display – and when the scene finally cleared, she had only about 5 seconds to snap the shot. Then along came other strollers.

  2. The small point and shoot sensors can be problematic because the depth of field is so large. I’ve shot a few photos out the window of my office and quite a lot of the time you can see the reflection of the camera/lens/me on the window. A couple of weeks ago I took my Nikon D7000 in to shoot a few of the same shots and no reflections from the glass. Almost an infinte DOF with p&s camereas. But they sure are easy to carry around!


  3. Cartier Bresson never called this “luck”. Nope… nope… think, “DECISIVE MOMENT!” Exactly what you pre-visualized. How long ago wuzzit that I suggested you pepper your work with more people? And now, finally, you’ve done it… POWERFULLY! This image ROCKS Andreas.

    1. Now that you say it, of course, I stood there for a few hours, pre-visualizing, letting a few dozen minor opportunities pass, and then … CLICK!!!

      😀 😀 😀

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