1865 – Darkness, Darkness

This is a difficult time of the year with such a camera. The FZ-150’s image quality is pretty much the same as that of the LX5. Slightly worse but not much, at least at its base ISO 100. The only problem is, that at this time of the year in foggy Vienna even daylight is gloomy. Consequently I used the FZ-150 at ISO 200 mostly (for the images that I deleted by accident), and then later, when I went to the train and when I finally waited at the station, I had to resort to ISO 400 and -1 EV.

Nevertheless, this image was taken at around 550 mm, hand-held at 1/8 s and its quality is at least acceptable. It looks like the camera’s stabilization is up to its job 😀

The lesson learned is, that a superzoom camera is no panacea. You have an enormous zoom range, but as soon as you use it in current light, you end up in ISO ranges and / or with shutter speeds that threaten to impede image quality. This should be no problem in summer, but in winter even the LX5 with its slightly better image quality and its considerably faster lens is challenging. The FZ-150 is definitely borderline.

The Song of the Day is “Darkness, Darkness” from the 2004 Cowboy Junkies album “One Soul Now”. Hear it on YouTube.