Nov 212011

I’m back in Vienna and I took the Panasonic LX5 with me. Only the LX5. I can’t even tell why, I just did, and it feels very, very good to use it again.

One thing though: If you happen to have big hands like mine, forget about using it with gloves. I have nice, soft nappa leather gloves with cashmere inlet and I have no problem wearing them while using the D300. No chance with the LX5’s tiny buttons though.

As to the images, well, it’s quite unsettling to walk through a street at night and to suddenly see a Caterpillar where last week a house was.

The Image of the Day is from the steamy window of a greek restaurant around the corner. I love the contrast between the warmth behind the windows and the coolness of the sun-bleached ads for vacations in Greece.

The Song of the Day is “In The Warm Room” from Kate Bush’s 1978 second album “Lionheart”. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1861 – In The Warm Room”

  1. I have been using thin cross-country skiing gloves, and they are ok, but only good until -5 °C for holding the camera.

    Especially the preview button causes problems. The control stick in the LX3 was better in terms of usability than the control wheel in the LX5, but I have adapted, more or less.

    A long enough nail in the left thumb helps – maybe I should have it grow longer…

  2. That torn down house image captured me, I feel the same when walking by a scene like this. I’m glad it happens very seldom.

  3. The specs for those gloves sure convinced me! Have to see whether something similar is available in shops to try out.

    • There are lots of more or less similar designs from different manufacturers, but as far as I found out, these are supposed to be the warmest and of the best quality. But then, I don’t have them yet.

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