1857 – Going Down Slow

Each series comes to an end, and this has lasted just as long as it had to. Well, I probably could have added at least one, maybe two, but tomorrow I’ll go to work again. I’m not yet fully well, but there’s some serious trouble at work, I may be able to help, and in the afternoon I take the train down to Carinthia anyway.

Considering the image, I’d probably take out the black thing sticking in from the left, just above the tree, but I can’t. The Photoshop file is on my main computer and that has died on Monday. Some fan speed thing. It doesn’t boot because the case fan connected to the motherboard is too slow. Well, this is one of the best-ventilated cases on the market, but that does not impress my motherboard. I would have fixed it already if I had not been ill. As it is, I’m not inclined to process this image again, thus you’ll have to live with the speck. I may take it out later, and if so, I’ll tell you.

The Song of the Day is “Going Down Slow“. Normally I only link to music that I own, but in this case I stumbled upon this video and I really thought you’d enjoy it as much as I did 😀