1853 – Tight Like This

Here’s one more, this one made on Sunday, just like all the following posts. It’s Wednesday now, I’m still sick, still at home, but I’m beginning to feel better.

In the last post I said that all the following images, including this, could have been made with the LX5. That’s right, this is f11 and only due to the bright light could I get away without stabilization. On the LX5 I could have got even more depth of field at f3, as open as it gets at the equivalent focal length of 75mm. That are almost four stops or the difference between 1/30s and 1/400s or the difference between ISO 100 and ISO 1200. And that’s even before stabilization sets in. Cool, huh?

On the other hand, using a prime makes composing a more conscious effort. I’ve made two images of this entrance to an inn in Villach, one more loosely framed and one tight like this. Using a zoom I would probably have immediately settled with something in between, wouldn’t have considered cutting in so tightly. It was the right decision though, and I reached it because I was slowed down by my prime.

Efficient tools are not are not always as helpful as we might think.

The Song of the Day is “Tight Like This” by Louis Armstrong and his Savoy Ballroom Five. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “1853 – Tight Like This”

  1. Gee, Roland, sorry you re still sick. I hope in a few days you’ll be feeling much better. Can you get live miso where you live? Miso soup is great for dealing with digestive tract “bugs.” If you can get the 3-yr old miso, not the white miso. The white stuff has no benefits other than taste.

    Also, yogurt that has not been pasteurized can help kill off those bad bugs.

    I like your tight composition.

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