Nov 112011

Frankly, I suspect I’ve made better images, but then, I’m absolutely sure I had even worse. It’s already Friday, I’m on the train to Carinthia and I have to get three posts out of the pipeline. Excuse me, good material is scarce and I don’t feel picky today 🙂

The Song of the Day is “These Leaves” from Austrian singer Coshiva’s 2008 debut album “Butterfly”. Hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1849 – These Leaves”

  1. And I immediately thought it was a very good image, but I suppose that there’s no accounting for taste!

  2. I’m with Colin–I liked it right away–AND–it took me several seconds to realize just what I was looking at. I think it is a very effective image.

  3. Andreas, you are out-voted! I too liked this immediately. I can’t read what the red letters say – nor can I determine whether they’re a reflection from a distant sign or whether they’re on the car’s dashboard.

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