1848 – The People That Walked In Darkness II

Days get preciously short and for lack of true high-ISO capabilities of this remarkable small camera I am using fairly long exposures, so why not make a series out of what I began yesterday? Stand somewhere, frame an image, make several exposures with the ghosts of people walking through the frame, select the best? I feel there may come more of it 😀

Interesting, last time I have counted, I had 14 different recordings of Handel’s “Messiah”, but I can still find fresh new recordings that are worth buying. Take this 2001 release with Mark Minkowski and Les Musiciens du Louvre. On Amazon it gets mixed reviews, almost evenly distributed from one to five stars, but – as one reviewer puts it – “I’m delighted to see some critics’ disgust with this record. What would be the point in recording the same classical material the same way for another 250 years?

And that’s entirely true. Hear it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “1848 – The People That Walked In Darkness II”

  1. Andreas, if life hands you a lemon – low light – make lemonade – this type of image, making use of motion blurs instead of trying for over-all sharpness.

    I’m liking your new project very much.

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