1844 – Lightning Strikes

Just something I saw today, but I think it fits the title and the slightly hysterical mood of the Song of the Day 🙂

When I learned of Klaus Nomi’s existence, he was already dead. That’s not remarkable by itself, but Klaus Nomi’s death was a matter of great public attention, because he was one of the first prominent victims of AIDS, and for me it was the first time that I heard of the disease at all. It was also a deep cut into my romantic ideas of sexual relationship. I remember it as kind of an Expulsion from Paradise. It was the summer of 1983, I was 19 years at that time, and probably this is what gave it additional importance to me.

Hear the song on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “1844 – Lightning Strikes”

  1. Though an artist in other media might try to conceive or construct such a piece, it would be hard to generate the wonderfully spontaneous life in this image!

    1. You’re right. Much of this is a result of entropy. Things get added at different times and the result has a pleasant randomness otherwise only seen in nature. Maybe that’s what makes decay so appealing as a subject. Although of course Ted will hate it with passion 🙂

      1. Entropy, perhaps. Your comment also reminds me of something I re-read recently by Shunryu Suzuki: “Whatever we see is changing, losing its balance. The reason everything looks beautiful is because it is out of balance, but its background is always in perfect harmony.”

        1. I have never thought about it, but my gut feeling tells me, that although change means shifting of balance, beauty is more about balance than imbalance. I may be completely wrong though.

  2. Interesting. I was just replying to a comment you made on my blog about how somethings just fit perfectly in a square, then I come here and see one such thing. Perfect.

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