1842 – There’s No Tomorrow

Wednesday, before I left home for work, I looked out of my living room window onto a bleak, foggy sky. There was no need to lament a lack of colors though. It only lasts for a very short time. Some years I miss this moment, some years not. This year not.

The Song of the Day is “There’s No Tomorrow” from “The Union”, the 2010 collaboration of Elton John and Leon Russell. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1842 – There’s No Tomorrow”

  1. Sometimes Nature dishes up such lovely servings for our enjoyment – but she doesn’t keep them for long. This is just lovely.

    This morning for 10-15 minutes right before sunrise, the sky showed glorious color. But when the sun rose, it was shining above the clouds, and so we’re presented with a dull gray day – perhaps because most people were too busy to appreciate that fleeting beauty?

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