1837 – One More Weekend I

Here’s one more weekend of working, shopping, working again. I returned from Vienna Thursday night, and this is a morning view from our roof terrace. It’s not spectacular, I won’t be able to look out of the window and capture a sunrise, but it’s big, sunny and warm.

It’s an interesting feeling to be in a new environment. Slowly things settle, the paper bags become fewer and fewer, the spaces begin to feel like we had them planned. And still, although it’s pretty much as we expected it to be, although we had the plans more or less fixed for almost a year, it feels oddly new. The “there” has become a “here”, and now there are still so many things left that need to be fixed, to be learned. So many light switches, but which one switches which light? Paper baskets that need to be positioned, light spots that need to be turned, all those tiny little inconveniences, all those tiny bits of information that once will become second nature, when finally a “here” has become a “home”.

But then, not that all my problems are on that level. If it already were so, it would be bliss. Instead I am still drilling holes in the walls, building shelves, hanging pictures and all that. Imagine, for the whole weekend I have made only 26 pictures, all on Friday. You’ll see more in the following two posts 🙂

The Song of the Day is “One More Weekend” from Bob Dylan’s 1970 album “New Morning”. Hmm … probably not a bad choice, given my current occupation 🙂

It’s even available on YouTube. That’s rare for Dylan songs, so if you don’t know it, hear it as long as you can.

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  1. I agree totally with Colin. Your view is super! Lots of people would kill for that or a similar view. The mountain in the center almost looks like a smoking volcano!

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