1835 – Success

In a comment congratulating to my blog’s fifth birthday, John says

I’m into my second year for my blog – can’t say it’s been a tremendous success, but I’ve enjoyed posting.

and stopping and thinking I ask myself “Is my blog a success”???

Well, I have more than one blog. I have this photography blog, my much neglected programming blog, one where I announce releases of my open source project, and then some blogs that are retired and/or kept for technical reasons. Of course I can’t put equal resources into all of them, even my day has only 24 hours, and because photography is so important to me, almost all runs into this photo blog.

The numbers speak a different language though. My programming blog with essentially one single post out of eleven that matters, receives between 500 and 800 visits on weekdays, and even on weekend it gets about twice the visits of my photo blog, a blog with 1835 posts so far, administrative posts disregarded. This is true although I have not changed a thing in my Eclipse / GlassFish / Java EE 6 Cookbook in more than a year. Cruel, huh?

Well, this is another thing that I’ve learned: Success is a matter of personal definition. Numbers can’t explain everything.

The Song of the Day is “Success” from Iggy Pop’s 1977 album “Lust For Life”. Hear it on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “1835 – Success”

  1. So true. In my book, this blog of yours is well worthwhile a visit, and thus also a success in my eyes.

    This is a very good picture, I just love all the small light sprinkles.

  2. Die Tätigkeit selbst ist der Erfolg. Sofern es Dir nach wie vor Freude macht. Selbst wenn es niemand ansehen würde. Noch dazu kontinuierlich über 5 Jahre. Das ist Fotografieren und nicht irgendwas. Du wäscht hier ja nicht dein Auto, sondern machst etwas Wichtiges.

  3. From my viewpoint, Andreas, this photo blog is a great success. And I don’t think it matters how many hits you get. What matters is that those who keep returning are very happy to come back every few days, over and over again. We get inspiration, sometimes education, sometimes great amusement – and it makes us happy. Which all should make you happy, too. 🙂

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