1833 – We Three

Somehow, in all that work in Carinthia, I forgot what I usually don’t forget. I forgot my blog’s birthday. It’s a shame, especially because it was a proud fifth. Five years of continuous posting, one image per day, not always posted in time, but none was forgotten. Well, blog: Happy Birthday!!!

It should have been something with five, but instead there were only three of those fallen leaves on the ground. We have rain in Vienna and this is supposed to continue for the next days.

The Song of the Day is “We Three” from Patti Smith’ 1978 album “Easter”. Great album, and the 2009 live concert version on YouTube is stellar as well. You could decide to skip it, but you would hate yourself for it, so you better just head over and hear it 😀

9 thoughts on “1833 – We Three”

  1. Well, a big happy 5th birthday! I’m coming up on 5 myself, certainly not posting every day, but 5 years strong, perhaps longer. I really don’t remember when I started. I’ve been through a few blogs. 🙂 It might even be closer to 6. Oh well.

  2. Thanks. When I began, I wanted to do it for at least a year. Not that I had any intention to stop afterwards, but that was the lower limit that I had set for myself. Anything less and I would have felt like making a fool of myself. Five years later, I’m tired now and then and the posts come frequently in batches, but I still feel I can go on, and what’s more important: It’s still fun 🙂

  3. Congratulations! It does take determination to stick with something in the nature of a blog, for 5 years.

    Have you had time to stop and think – remember what prompted you to start a blob, why you have kept it going, and what have you learned?

    My wishes for you are another successful 5 years of blogging!

  4. I’m into my second year for my blog – can’t say it’s been a tremendous success, but I’ve enjoyed posting.

    Here’s wishing you another five great years!

  5. Congratulations, Andreas! It’s an impressive achievement, a post almost every day for five years. Insaningly impressive.. 🙂

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