Oct 202011

And here we are: that’s really an image made today. Well, almost. It’s past midnight, thus it was yesterday technically.

I’d have some more images, maybe I’ll use them another day, but for now please excuse me, I’m tired 🙂

The Song of the Day is “I Keep Mine Hidden“, the last recorded song by The Smiths, backside of the single “Girlfriend in a Coma”. Hear either the original, or see a much older but still fantastic Morrissey, performing 2009 live in Manchester, more or less his home town. I love it what happens when when artists sing at home 🙂

  2 Responses to “1828 – I Keep Mine Hidden”

  1. Wow…this is great!!!

    I love the evocative juxtaposition of so many different elements.

    • I was lucky because I almost had no time for photography and I was in a terrible hurry. But then, a city is a fine place for that. No need to search for pictures, they find you.

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