1823 – Growin’ Up

This is not a farmhouse, this is a memory. I grew up in a house that was in some respects similar to this one. It was in a rural environment (well, not any more, Klagenfurt, my home town, has expanded considerably since), but most important, it had similar walls with peeling yellow paint. Old, yellow walls, warmed up by the sun, they trigger such a strong feeling of childhood, that whenever I see such a house, I can’t help but take a photo.

A strange association, huh? Childhood: What’s it for you??

The Song of the Day is Bruce Springsteen’s “Growin’ Up“, originally from the 1973 “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” album, but I really love his performance on the 2007 “Live In Dublin” album. YouTube has the high quality audio track, but please also look into the original video. It always pays to see him play 🙂

One thought on “1823 – Growin’ Up”

  1. Photography is a technique that talks to memory and imagination by its nature… and this one really feels like a memory that just became visible to me. Works very well. Feels nice.


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