1822 – The Ballad Of The Fallen V

This should be the image for Thursday, October 13, but in fact it was taken on Sunday, just like the images that will follow in the next three posts. I didn’t touch the camera in between.

It was extraordinarily warm for a long time, now it’s pretty cold but still sunny. I had intended to go swimming one or two more times, but now it is too late. Morning temperatures below freezing do cruel things to a lake’s water temperature 🙂

Even I admit it’s fall now, and here’s a matching picture and a matching song: again “The Ballad Of The Fallen” by Charlie Haden, Carla Bley and so many other good musicians. We already had it a few times this year. It’s not on YouTube, but I found a German website, simfy, where you can stream it. I’ve just discovered it, it will have the usual problems with not being available in most countries, but at least here in Austria I can hear it, and I guess it will work for my German friends as well. If it does not work for you, click through to Amazon and hear the samples. It’s one of the best Jazz records ever, believe me, you really deserve to own it 🙂