1820 – Sweet Memory V

Have you ever used the expression “See you on the other side”? Sounds so cool, huh?

Well, we tried it today, but the guys helping us didn’t show up. A little bit of a communication problem 🙂

This means another night in the old apartment, but I suppose it will be the last one. On the “other side” our books are not yet all sorted in, but we make progress.

Of course again I didn’t find time to take images, much less to make one last attempt at swimming, What a pity, these are so beautiful days and gradually it’s getting colder.

Like yesterday the Song of the Day is “Sweet Memory” from Melody Gardot’s 2008 album “Worrisome Heart”. See a video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1820 – Sweet Memory V”

  1. Portofino… what a spot. So pitoresque and so ultimately snobistic in the same time…

    It is quite an achievement to shoot that sight without a yacht in the view… 😉

    1. I didn’t particularly like Portofino. It’s all designer shops and jewelers, and seeing expensively clad guys half my age going on board of 30 meter yachts, golf bags over their shoulders, … it does not make me envious, it makes me feel a little out of place. It is no desire to belong though. There is so much pose in that, so much ritual, so much needless waste of life time, in a way it is like watching an expensive but boring movie. Of course there’s also something like obscenity in that kind of most likely unearned wealth, at least in a world where people die of hunger because traders bet on rising food prices.

      Well, maybe a tiny bit of envy 😀

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