1814 – There’ll Be Some Changes Made

It’s already Tuesday night and again I’ve been silent for far too long. The excuse? Well, I’ve been working every day until I fell in my bed. I made only a few images, processed some, and my energy didn’t last long enough for posting.

On Thursday I mourned the last day of summer, and indeed, this image was taken Friday afternoon from the balcony of our old apartment in Villach.

Of course the snow didn’t last, at least not down here at 500 meters above sea level, but we had white mountains surrounding us for a few days. The Image of the Day was taken later when the sun had come out.

The Song of the Day is “There’ll Be Some Changes Made” from the 1990 Chet Atkins / Mark Knopfler collaboration “Neck And Neck”, a cool album that I didn’t know and immediately bought when I found this song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1814 – There’ll Be Some Changes Made”

  1. Another good one (in my mind) is the last cut “Next Time I’m in Town.
    Nice picture, but it seems like you are cursed with the same ‘Mega’ everything kind of store as we in the U.S. are.


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