1811 – Gone Again I

Gone again? Summer? Well, not yet, this week we had summer so far, with temperatures in the mid to high twenties (Celsius I mean :D), and it’s supposed to last until tomorrow, Thursday.

But then, the signs are there, early leaves are falling. Here’s a pattern I saw on Tuesday.

The Song of the Day is “Gone Again“, title song of Patti Smith’ 1996 album. Powerful music as always. Hear it on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1811 – Gone Again I”

  1. I like this pattern very much. Immediately I see crossing diagonals due to the way you framed this.

  2. Leaves on the ground, yet with such a subtle nuance in composition it works beautifully!

    (Though apparently obvious to you and Flo, I had to stop and figure out why. :))

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