1809 – Carry That Weight IV

On Sunday we made two more transports, maybe 70 paper bags full of books, and then some boxes, an office chair and a garden chair, just to fill up the car. Again we had to carry everything up to the second floor. Hmm, you get used to it 😀

The Image of the Day is from the construction site opposite our soon-to-be former home, the other image shows our day’s work. Again it was made with the new phone and “Paper Camera“.

Like here, here and here, the Song of the Day is “Carry That Weight” from the Beatles classic “Abbey Road”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1809 – Carry That Weight IV”

  1. I agree. And I do like the way you framed it – orange and blue circular containers in upper left, balanced by the circles of the tire and its yellow rim in lower right. Greens in both lower left and upper right. And in the center the details, mostly reds contrasted and punched up a bit by the small amount of softer green.

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