1801 – The Golden Age

It’s Saturday night, way past eleven, and I have not done much today. I took a few images in the morning, this is one of them, and later in mid-afternoon, when fog and clouds had vanished, I went swimming again.

Due to the “early winter” on Monday and Tuesday, the water has cooled down to probably even below 20 degrees Celsius, but it’s still fine and I’m going to enjoy it as long as it lasts. Tomorrow for sure, next weekend most likely, at least as long as it doesn’t start raining (or worse) again.

The Song of the Day is “The Golden Age” from Beck’s 2002 album “Sea Change”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “1801 – The Golden Age”

  1. A lovely Pumpkin Patch – altho these are probably edible winter squashes instead of pumpkins of the type that we in the USA carve up at the end of October to make Jack o’ Lanterns. Silly waste of food, but then pumpkins grown for carving up really don’t make good pies.

    “Pumpkin Patch” is alliterative, whereas “winter squash patch” isn’t. So I thought it appropriate to use an alliterative description for an image in which the subjects repeat themselves again and again.


    1. Yeah, we cook them in soups, as side dishes, we roast and eat their seeds and we press the seeds for a delicious oil.

      Didn’t know the word squash. For me they were all just pumpkins. Thanks 🙂

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