Sep 212011

Stupid title, huh? Yes, yes, I know, but I’m too tired to look for a better one 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Wet Questions” from Keziah Jones’ 2003 album “Black Orpheus”. Good stuff, hear it on YouTube.

  5 Responses to “1797 – Wet Questions”

  1. Andreas, I finally found the correct title for you: CAD – Chief Active Diagonalist 😉

  2. Or what about Diagonal Cyclophile? Markus’ suggestion is good, also.

  3. I have never like titles. Most people will read the title first, then look at the picture, assuming that the words say what they are supposed to see.

    Then they never really take the time to look at the picture, and find out for themselves what they can see.

    Better to say nothing, I say. [grin]

    • Well, this title game is most of all a game for myself, a game that keeps me hearing and exploring my own music. I think the best titles are always contradictory, paradox, and they don’t tell much about the image. They just open up another line of questions.

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