1792 – Summer On A Solitary Beach

It’s the end of the season in Italy. It’s still warm, hot even, but as most tourists here come from Austria and Germany, and as school has begun again everywhere, the beaches are closing down.

That’s fine when you try to avoid the masses, but it has its drawbacks. I saw a mini golf course already closed for winter, and what you see here is part of a platform that is out in the water normally, but now has already been drawn out on the sand.

The Song of the Day is “Summer On A Solitary Beach” by Franco Battiato. You may know it as one of the hits from Alice’s wonderful 1985 album “Gioielli rubati“, but hey, why not the original? Take for instance the version on the 1989 live album “Giubbe Rosse”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “1792 – Summer On A Solitary Beach”

  1. For a while I though there was some kind of red curtain with lace-like pattern on it – until I realized what the subject was. A heavy subject with a light touch, works well.

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