1789 – Song To A Seagull

Wow, it’s been a pretty long time since my last post! Sorry, I made images, more than I can currently show, but during the first few days I had connectivity problems, and then my server had an upgrade.

I have shelled out around 25$ for a “Faster Server Option”, and indeed the server feels faster now. During the transition I didn’t want to put up new content though, and so another two days were lost.

Add some work for our upcoming relocation in Villach and you see me busy for a week with no apparent output. But as I said, nothing is lost and today I’ll make a quick succession of posts in order to catch up.

These images are from a trip down to Italy, down to the sea. Carinthia had fine weather last week, but of course Italy is always warmer and we enjoyed a welcome continuation of summer.

I probably could have taken any of these images as Image of the Day, but I really like the seagull. It was such a perfect capture, so exactly the right moment, but of course it’s not planned. It just happened, I waited until it almost touched down, I already feared that I had waited too long, but it was even more than what I had hoped for. No merger between bird and building, the shape of the bird fitting right into the gap between the chimneys, and even the light and the sky were cooperating. A lucky shot that made me cheerful 🙂

Two images have borders, two have none. The detail from the brakes of a bicycle is right out of the camera and was not processed in any way, the harbor night shot was, but I have used it as wall paper on my laptop, and white borders on wall papers are not such a good idea 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Song To A Seagull“, the title song of Joni Mitchell’s 1968 debut album. Hear it on YouTube.

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