3 thoughts on “1788 – This Time Again”

  1. And you just felt you HAVE to rub that on my nose by showing that extreme closeup! Seriously, I love autumn and I’m quite happy the fogs will appear soon, the leaves awake from the dull, fat green phase, the trees start again moving thanks to the winds… but here, I truly felt like I will hear a *thump* and feel a bump any fraction of a second for the apple really seems to be swinging towards my forehead


  2. LOL, Roland, your remarks remind me of Galileo sitting under the apple tree and getting zonked on the head! Thus, man discovered the concept of gravity.

    I can almost smell this apple, Andreas. It looks like it has not been sprayed, and so must have grown naturally in an old orchard, perhaps? Anyway, I love apples and there’s almost nothing better than an apple pie fresh from the oven!


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