1787 – Muddy Water

We had a wonderful, hot summer day here in Carinthia, and I spent most of it in shops, talking to our carpenter, planning our kitchen, in short, with unpleasant things. Only late in the afternoon I went swimming … and then it was good.

Although in the end I am quite satisfied with the day and our results, there was no room for photography. The Image of the Day was made Wednesday morning in Burgenland. The lake, Neusiedlersee is big and shallow, a paradise for birds, and although you can swim in the water and there is absolutely no pollution, it is rather muddy and reddish brown.

The Song of the Day is “Muddy Water” from Eddi Reader’s 2007 album “Peacetime”. See a wonderful live version on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “1787 – Muddy Water”

  1. Beautiful and very simple. I like that the dock prevents me from wandering out of the image onto the wide expanse of the lake.


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