Sep 062011

Here’s an image made this morning. Don’t you sometimes share that same sentiment? Enough is enough!

The Song of the Day is “Enough” from Marla Glen’s 1993 debut album “This Is Marla Glen”. Not widely known, but excellent music. Judge for yourself on YouTube.

  9 Responses to “1783 – Enough Is Enough”

  1. Yup, I definitely feel to say that, sometimes. I would believe I even do that, on special occasions. Mostly, it’s better keeping the mouth shut. 🙂

  2. You used a nice font for the message there… But seriously, nice composition, and I do often get that sentiment as well.

  3. Most appropriate for my workplace at the moment where doublespeak from the management is becoming the standard 😉

  4. “No more BS” is kind of like saying “No More War”. Nice idea, but it’s never going to happen. In fact, you could probably make a compelling argument that the opposite is far more likely. The “doublespeak” mentioned by Cedric is the norm these days.

    Kind of like all the politicians over here saying that they want to create more jobs. What jobs? The ones that have been sent to all those places where people work for pennies an hour? Or the jobs here where you work 20 hours a week serving hamburgers?

  5. Just came from a morning meeting when I read this – and felt like it.

    Of course Paul Maxim is right, unfortunately. But hope dies last.

  6. No wonder this message provokes so many comments. And why does anyone just thinks this sentence is meant for someone else??? 😉


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