Sep 032011

Today I’ve used the D300. It is in Carinthia now, with only some of my lenses so far, but I will keep it here and gradually carry my lenses to Carinthia as well.

Today I have mounted the Sigma 150/2.8, one of my rarely used lenses (but the only macro here in Carinthia), and although I’ve made some better images (technically in any case), I somehow like this critter. I was photographing some transformers through the fence of a power plant when I saw the bug crawling into my direction. It was big, at least 2 cm, and it was fast. I tried a few shots and only this one was even slightly usable. I had panned the camera and in a way the image retains the feeling of speed.

The Song of the Day is “I’m Just a Jitterbug”, a recording from 1938, featuring Chick Webb and the young Ella Fitzgerald. Enjoy it on YouTube.

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  1. Wildlife photography! Or at least a photograph of which a wildlife photographer would be envious of…

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