1773 – Rain (Falling From The Skies)

Friday, while I walked the few hundred meters down to the entrance of the Underground, I experienced some of the hottest winds I’ve ever been exposed to, certainly in Austria. It was the climax of this unusual late-summer heat wave, and on Saturday a rain front came. Nothing comparable to the monster on the US east coast, but temperatures fell dramatically, and during the night we were down to about 10 degrees Celsius.

I spent most of the day shopping for computer parts and assembling them. The good news are, that my Sony VAIO laptop has now 8 GB of memory, and that I have a bought a cheap 23 inch 1920×1080 monitor as a spare, to be used for my laptop when the desktop is occupied by accounting programs 🙂

The laptop feels incredibly snappy again and I am as glad as I could be. Really: if you think that your computer is slow, add some memory. Virtual memory doesn’t help as much as it did years ago. The mix of code and data has changed. Today it’s mostly data, and data can’t be shared between processes. Thus your single best investment is in memory. Make sure that you run a 64 bit operating system though.

The Song of the Day is “Rain (Falling From The Skies)” by Frank Sinatra. I have it on the gigantic compilation “Concepts”, a gem that Amazon sold for a few days for $5. Currently it’s up at $185.76. Speak of a bargain 🙂

Hear the song on YouTube.